Nashville Wedding Photographer
Nashville Wedding Photographer


Experienced | Heartfelt | Creative

Studio Raymo Photography is an experienced wedding and portrait photographer with more than 20 years satisfying clients in the Southeastern U.S and   Middle Tennessee .  

e are absolutely passionate about photography, we are Inspired by sessions like yours! 

very image is created by drawing upon our  deepest , God-given beliefs and unique sensibilities for one-of-a-kind images sure to touch your heart.​

Experience our romantic approach to capturing your memories.
Trust our personalized image options, hand-picked to ensure a memorable collection for years to come without the fear of obsolete technology. ​​

Click here to find out how we work to offer every client a pleasant, unforgettable experience! 

  1. Amazing Personality
    Amazing Personality
    I have never worked with a photographer with such an amazing personality. His pictures are amazing. Some of the ideas he gave us were perfect for our special day! Also he incorporated all of our own ideas! Would recommend this company to any and all people I know!!!! ~ Lenorea
  2. Amazing Job
    Amazing Job
    Thanks to James and Sharon Clark! You guys did an amazing job!!! ~Wes and Lenorea
  3. Patient & Flexible
    Patient & Flexible
    James was a very easy guy to work with. He was very flexible with his time and very patient as we took a while to review our photos. The pictures were great and we are very glad we chose him to help capture our special day. The price was also a big plus for us as newlyweds. A very professional company and a good Christian man to work with. Thanks James! ~ Wes
  4. I would recommend
    I would recommend
    James was very professional and I enjoyed his services. I would recommend him to all my friends. Also I will use his service again in the future. ~Catina